Overview - Process

Process Outline



Plant Overview

     -Liquid Treatment Overview

     -Solids Treatment Overview

     -Unique Features of the JCEC


Liquid Treatment

     -Influent Pumping

     -Coarse Screening

     -Vortexing Grit Removal

     -Primary Clarification

     -Fine Screening



     -Membrane Filtration

     -UV Disinfection

     -Post Aeration

     -Discharge of Reclaimed Water

     -Water Reuse


Solids Treatment

     -Aerobic Digestion of Sludge

     -Dewatering of Sludge


Support Systems

     -Control Room


     -Electrical Service and Onsite Power Generation

     -Process Blowers

     -Odor Control

     -Chemicals Used in Treatment

     -Membrane Gallery